Riot reminder: Police don’t & won’t protect you or your property.

But they will arrest you for doing either.


Looting and arson have followed what were peaceful protests about the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin.
But it ain’t about that no more!
ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorist inspired rioters are organized, well funded. BLM gets major funding from billionaire George Soros. Both ANTIFA and BLM appear to be quietly supported by many Democrat officials.
Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison tacitly endorsed violence against political opponents when he showed off the ANTIFA handbook.

ANTIFA is a domestic terror group.

How many other public officials tacitly support ANTIFA terrorism?

How many have quiet connections to the funders of street terrorists?

The protests — not the riots and looting — are not just about the police murder of George Floyd, they’re about  the Louisville police murder of EMT Breonna Taylor while she slept in her own bed and they’re about the NYPD choke death of Eric Garner for selling untaxed single cigarettes and about a Houston husband and wife murdered in their home after two dirty cops lied that they were dealing drugs and about the thousands of others abused likewise by police. But they’re also about years of police planted evidence and speed traps and predatory confiscations of cash and property and beatings and perjury while enforcing the many stupid laws grandstanding politicians pass. That’s not all, by any means. But that ought to be enough to, at the very least, think hard about what you’re being told by officialdom the next time you are called to jury service.

CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC et al: No Minneapolis Police or National Guard as rioters loot, burn and raise hell.

Riots spread across country …

White House on lockdown as mob howls outside gates

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot to Trump: “Fuck you!!”

“Heavily armed rednecks” face down Minneapolis looters and thugs

But as Los Angeles’ Korea Town merchants discovered during the 1992 Rodney King riots, police won’t tolerate the shooting of looters or attackers unless they do it …
Minneapolis pawn shop owner arrested for murder

Laws need to change!

“I can’t breath!”

Cop above now arrested for murder

Accused killer cop and George Floyd were bouncers at same club!

Cops protect killer cop’s home

New video ‘shows MULTIPLE cops pinning George Floyd down’ as he begged for air

Autopsy sez strangulation not cause of George Floyd’s death
Maxine Waters blames Trump for ‘cops killing black people’ and says cop who knelt on George Floyd ‘enjoyed doing it’

2020: White Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin chokes “Gentle Giant” George Foster to death on a counterfeit money arrest. Riots follow.

2017: Minneapolis cop Mohammed Noor shoots and kills Australian tourist Justine Damond as she tried to report a rape. No riots follow.

Why the difference?

Floyd had started new life in Minneapolis

Resistance by Citizens: Is there a right of self defense against police?

Twitter exec in charge of effort to fact-check Trump has history of anti-Trump posts

Virginia’s creeping authoritarianism

Virginia Democrats threaten prosecution and National Guard against police who won’t enforce proposed gun control statutes
Democrats’ Bill in Virginia Would Outlaw Martial Arts Training

Republican Marco Rubio Pushing Major Gun Confiscation Bill Through Congress

California Gun Law Blocks Legal Gun Owners From Buying Ammo

Houston police chief goes on 2nd Amendment tirade and blames NRA when FBI arrests two of his killer cops.

“White Genocide will be good for you,” New Hampshire tells its white citizens

Kansas Prosecutors Drop False Accusation Charges, Claims Real Victims Would Be Hurt

Not so straight shooter. Inspector General Michael Horowitz soft on big shots

Wikipedia Fraud EXPOSED: Troll farms and the CIA have hijacked the once open platform

Book claims Mueller investigation a taxpayer-funded political hit on Donald Trump and not a true investigation into Russia’s election interference. 

First Look At Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell And Very Young Girls On ‘Pedo Island’
British TV Network Bans Word “Uppity” As Racist After A Single Complaint
Al Pacino stars in New Amazon Show where White People Wearing Red MAGA-Style Hats are Hunted as ‘Nazis’
FISA alterations Could Pose Significant Trouble For FBI
A dozen document troves that could change the Ukraine scandal if Trump released them

Rutgers prof: Fox News and the GOP are ‘existential threats’ to the country

Ivy League students push to ABOLISH prisons
Giving Government Vast Snooping Authority Is One Thing Democrats and Republicans Both Like
Barr Ends All Conspiracy Theories Forever By Saying Epstein Died Via A Series Of Coincidences
So there you have it. The US government says that an intelligence asset with damning information on many powerful individuals did in fact kill himself due to an admittedly bizarre and wildly unlikely series of strange coincidences. I for one have no more questions. Checkmate, conspiracy theorists.
CA Guv Newsom Releases Illegal Alien—Murderer From Prison—Hides Him From ICE
Hunter Biden’s Company Got $130 Million in Bailout Funds
Can We Just Make It Illegal to Arrest Blacks?
“Journalists are increasingly reluctant to report negative news about minorities or women’s causes….The upshot of this is soft and caring coverage of favored [liberal] groups [and their causes], with certain stories mostly ruled out of bounds [i.e., censored]
Absurdity Update: British Academic Union Rules Members Can ‘Identify’ As “Black” And “Disabled”
John Stossel Exposes The “Climate Myths”
JFK: What the CIA Hides
California police  convicted of illegal gun sales to criminals
‘Coup’ concerns suddenly don’t seem so far-fetched
Former FBI Attorney Under Criminal Investigation For Fabricating Evidence In Russiagate Probe
Trump’s Defenders Have No Defense
Ukraine: 10 Talking Points For Rational People
Did Clint Eastwood Troll Pro-Impeachment Democrats With ‘Quid Pro Quo’ Line in ‘Richard Jewell’?

Not fitting the narrative: Why you’re not hearing more about that mass shooting in Fresno
Unable to take Tulsi Gabbard down, the NYT turns to attacking her white pantsuit
A thing of value? Dems finally got something they can use for impeachment
How President Trump Loses in 2020
Misplaced Patriotism Is Damaging to Our Constitutional Order
Editorial: What should California do with all its convicted cops?
California’s Criminal Cops: Who they are, what they did, why some are still working
Joe Biden: “Why should we allow people to have military-style weapons including pistols with 9-mm bullets and can hold 10 or more rounds?”
Baltimore records 300 homicides for fifth consecutive year …
Forensic Investigator: Jeffrey Epstein’s Autopsy Consistent with Homicide
Who wanted Jeffrey Epstein dead?
Alex Acosta Reportedly Claimed Jeffrey Epstein “Belonged To Intelligence.” ( Acosta is the former U.S. attorney in Miami who cut Epstein a non-prosecution plea deal back in 2007 .)
Why Republicans are Called “The Stupid Party”
Policing For Profit: How Civil Asset Forfeiture Has Perverted American Police
‘The Rise of Jordan Peterson’ shunned by theaters
NYPD’s Terrorism Official Says Unnamed Groups Planned Protest Violence in Advance

Protesters not normal sez Sacramento Police Chief. 

“They’re are very organized … They have cars and a delivery system for water. Last night they were delivering large boxes of rocks that they were then throwing at the officers.”

Bricks are a different matter …

Acme bricks delivered for rioters? No hard evidence yet of coordination 

NYC looters pull up in $350,000 Rolls-Royce to ransack store
Criminal Gangs Who Ransacked NYC Arrived In Chauffeured Cars, Used Power Tools, Witnesses Say

ATM thief hoisted on own petard

Los Angeles police detain store defenders on live TV, while would-be looters flee

Rioter: ‘We’re Gonna Start Coming to the Suburbs’
“Destroying property which can be replaced is not violence,” sez New York Times writer Hannah-Jones

Absurd on its face

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi  said demonstrations not “unruly,” as rioters torched building behind him.

Big question: Who are the rioters – really?

Every Person Arrested In Saint Paul Last Night Was From Out Of State, Mayor Says
Charlotte Police: 70% Of Rioters Arrested Are Out Of State “Instigators”

In the midst of it all, a young man makes a buck selling face masks in Ventura, Kalifornia.

Protestors and rioters burn Minneapolis police station

Violent Rioters Breach Ohio Statehouse
Chicago cops ordered to “no longer use force to disperse large gatherings”

Woman in Wheelchair Beaten by Minneapolis Rioters. Claimed She ‘Deserved’ It

Trump sez on Twitter …

Twitter sez Trump “glorifying violence” issues warning
Buzz Feed sez Trump Tweet racist

Disband the FBI!

Ex-CBS News President Skewers ‘Decidedly Liberal’ Media

Media’s Unpunished Lies Hurt The Nation Far Worse Than Trump’s Indefensible Tweets

‘Journalists not above being questioned’

Democrats worried about economic rebound: “we are about to see the best economic data we’ve seen in the history of this country”

So sez Jason Furman, a top economist in the Obama administration and now a professor at Harvard

In case you didn’t know …

With few exceptions, our news media is an industrial complex that spreads the propaganda narrative of corporate America, leftist activists and big government.

It resents competition.

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski:
“Trump is trying to undermine the media … he can actually control exactly what people think and that is our job.”
This site is not part of Mika’s Main Stream Media official narrative industrial complex.

New York Times Says ‘Free Speech Is Killing Us.

Dershowitz sez Democrats Using Soviet Tactics to Take Down Trump

George Floyd had ‘violent criminal history’: Minneapolis police union chief
Supreme Court could end cop Qualified Immunity — the doctrine that shields rotten cops from civil rights lawsuits.

Naked man attacks Bronx looters
Two New York Attorneys Arrested For Throwing Molotov Cocktail At Police

Two sisters arrested for tossing Molotov cocktail into occupied police van

7 shot in Louisville during protest of police shooting EMT Breonna Taylor while sleeping in own bed

‘It is not a riot. It is a revolt’: Councilwoman responds to Breonna Taylor protest

Johns Hopkins study sez medical errors third-leading cause of death in U.S.

Kathy Griffin Sez Kill President Trump With a Syringe: “F— Trump”

Washington state Inflates COVID-19 Numbers, Includes Gunshot Victims Among Deaths

Monkeys Steal Coronavirus Samples After Attacking Lab Assistant

Bigger dangers developing …

China moving military ships near Taiwan may spark US confrontation

News media silent  …

“People think news organizations flat-out fabricate stories. That isn’t often the case. Fake news is a problem that pops up here and there, but the much more systematic and deeply entrenched attack on truth is the casual, everyday bias of reporters.”
” … as syndicated columnist George Will once noted, about 90 percent of news reporters, editors, and producers vote for Democrats not Republicans.”
“The profound leftward ideological bias of the Big Media is the main reason why America now seems saturated with “fake news.” Journalists, besotted with their own ideology, are no longer able to recognize their own bias.”

Russian Sub That Caught Fire Possibly Sent to Cut Internet Cables

or maybe not …

Media already resurrecting Russia is cutting globe’s underwater internet cables! story again.

AOC and Media staged her border cry


Second Amendment: The most maligned and misrepresented of all Rights and the violation of which has made easier the violation of others.  You may hate guns, but if the Second Amendment means nothing, neither do the others.

Baltimore County Announces SAFE Act To Stop Burglaries In Gun Stores, Shows

Presbyterians respond to gun violence
Democrats to demonstrate that they’re not against gun ownership’
City council votes to appeal judge’s ruling invalidating part of Edmonds’ (WA) gun storage law
County declares itself Second Amendment sanctuary
Pending Ban on Flavored E-Cigarettes in Massachusetts Authorizes Forfeiture of Vapers’ Cars
‘Disgrace’: Schumer fumes as Senate confirms pro Second Amendment White House lawyer as appeals court judge
Arguments Concluded in Two Second Amendment Cases
Florida gun activists rally amid California school shooting
What Will Gun Controllers Do When Americans Ignore an ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban?


Democrats call for criminal investigation of NRA
Drivers With DUIs Shouldn’t Be Armed
NICS Checks Reveal Americans’ Changing Gun Purchasing Preferences