Who Wants Roger Stone Dead?

A Man Who Knows Too Much

By Dan Gifford

Republican political adviser and alleged "dirty trickster" Roger Stone has been found guilty of lying to Congress and obstruction of a bogus investigation and now awaits sentencing.

Prosecutors want to put Stone in prison for 7 to 9 years which means that at age 67, he would likely die there of old age or murder as happened to alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Boston mobster Whitey Bulger.

Like Stone, both had powerful, deadly enemies, both knew too much for those enemies to risk having either man talk and so each man was murdered in prison with the obvious complicity of federal officials.

Unlike Epstein and Bulger, Stone is no mobster or criminal. But like the murdered Epstein and Bulger, Stone has enemies who know he knows too much about their secret lives and those of other powerful people who have quite a lot to hide. They are all most certainly afraid he may talk. Ya see, Stone knows not just where the proverbial Washington political bodies are buried, he knows which literal Washington political bodies are sharing beds -- especially same sex beds. Stone knows because he has shared those same beds with many of those powerful himself.

Stone describes himself as not a heterosexual or bisexual but a "try" sexual because he says he has tried everything and has deep contacts within the prostitution and fetish world. That's how he knew New York Governor Eliot Spitzer was cheating on his wife with prostitutes. Stone's outing of Spitzer caused him to resign the governorship in 2008. Stone undoubtedly has similar dirt on an unknown number of others who don't want their sexual proclivities -- especially the queer ones -- exposed and that's something some would consider worth killing to keep quiet.

If you've forgotten how Stone wound up facing prison time, he was found guilty November 15, 2019 on seven charges of obstructing a phony congressional probe into Russia's interference in the 2016 US
presidential election. The bottom line is that Department of Justice prosecutors said Stone attempted to undermine the investigation of Special prosecutor Robert Mueller in order to protect Donald Trump from Democrat fantasies that he had colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 election.

Investigators knew or should have known at the outset those claims were bogus and hence, found nothing for their expensive and time wasting efforts. But to justify that wasted time and money, prosecutors wanted someone's head to wave before the media's Madame Dufarges. Now those prosecutors want the proverbial "book" thrown at Stone for what they claim was an exceptionally sinister set of crimes because of the importance of those investigations and the danger of overseas influence on U.S. elections.

Sounds believable but it's bullshit.

Stone's crime is that he was a Republican "dirty tricks" political operative with a Nixon tattoo and longtime advisor to Trump.

In that capacity, Stone claims to have prevented Trump from boarding a company helicopter in 1989 that later crashed killing top Trump executives. The story has its critics, but there's no doubt Stone's long association with Trump has accumulated a considerable number of powerful enemies among Washington's political snake pit denizens.

After Stone's trial, one of the jurors emphasized that the jury did not convict him based on his political beliefs or associations.

That's more bullshit.

The charges were political fantasy from top to bottom and the judge, Amy Berman Jackson, is a known partisan Democrat as is the jury forewoman, Tomeka Hart, whose anti Trump Tweets and comments are well known. That she never mentioned any of that during voir dire should be solid grounds for a new trial at the very least.

I retained Roger and his partner, Greg Stevens (an openly gay Republican political consultant who later died in the bed of his friend, actress Carrie Fisher), during the mid 1990s when he was working for the Bob Dole presidential campaign. My Oscar nominated, Emmy winning film, Waco: The Rules of Engagement, was being completed and Roger had access to Washington inside information sources that were needed by director William Gazecki, lead researcher Michael McNulty and me to corroborate stunning information we had uncovered.

Said corroboration cinched our findings that government agents of the FBI, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF), military and and others had committed a premeditated mass murder of 76 Branch Davidian religious sect men, women and children at Waco, Texas in 1993 and then covered-up their crime with faked evidence, withheld exculpatory evidence and court perjury. According to Davidian Davidian trial jury forewoman Sarah Bain, "The federal agents should have been on trial, not the Branch Davidians."

I ended my relationship with Roger when I noticed how many of the Republican operatives on Dole's campaign appeared to be doing drugs at the GOP national convention in San Diego. Based on what I saw, quite a lot of Bob Dole's campaign money went up the noses of Republican staffers and hangers on. In sum, much of that event seemed more like a Miami Vice episode than a national political convention for a presidential candidate.  Maybe that's because Dole had no fire in the gut to win.

Then the Capital Couples Club (CCC) orgy story hit.

National stories reported that Roger & Nydia Stone had organized orgies for Washington power players in their club.

The CCC wasn't and isn't the only Washington secret sex scene.

I'd heard about others during the 1960s while a reporter there. It's a town full of strange political bed mates who screw each other verbally during political theater TV sessions and then schtup each other off the air even if they have different beliefs.

That put Roger in the previously mentioned position of a man who knew too much about the secret sex lives and financial corruption of powerful people who didn't want their clandestine activities exposed. So it struck me several times that some of those enemies might like to see Roger dead as a matter of either political revenge or to spike a possible expose of the type Epstein could have provided before he was murdered under the noses of federal prison guards -- one of whom we know was not a guard at all.

That's why some questions need answers starting with Roger's CNN televised 4 AM FBI SWAT team arrest.

*Who told the FBI to SWAT raid Roger instead of just asking him to turn himself in and why?

*Who at the FBI (or wherever) tipped CNN to be at Stone's home at 4AM?

My take is again that somebody wanted Roger dead.

It was possibly hoped a groggy Roger or his deaf wife (who would not be able to hear FBI commands) may make a "wrong move" and be gunned down and thereby remove a threat to someone's sexual practices or financial dealings.

That is what happened to Ventura, California landowner Donald Scott during the 1990s. Uncle Sam aspired to own Scott's land but he wouldn't sell. So a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)  guy falsely claimed Scott was growing marijuana on his land. That was enough for a multi agency (DEA, FBI, Los Angeles Sheriff deputies out of their jurisdiction in Ventura, National Guard, etc) no knock raid early in the morning.

A groggy Scott heard his wife screaming, came out of his bedroom holding a handgun and was shot dead.

Uncle Sam got Scott's land.

That is the scenario it appears to me someone wanted regarding Roger. Killing Roger's wife would have gotten extra kudos in some corners of Washington. Having Stone commit "suicide" in prison out of despair would be even better.

Is anyone asking questions about the FBI raid with an eye toward holding people criminally accountable? No, that's not how the system works.

The Ventura DA investigated the filing of murder charges against the Los Angeles Sheriff Deputy who shot Scott until the powers that be crushed the effort. As national pundit H.L. Mencken observed during the 1920s, way too many with a badge are little more than "legalized murderers " whom a propagandized public lauds for enforcing "law and order."

Following the revelations of the coup d'etat top FBI officials engaged in to frame Trump, we should all realize that Bureau is now little more than a politicized American Gestapo or KGB whose agents will follow orders to fake evidence, frame the innocent and commit the most heinous murders.

Fake evidence?

FBI forensic lab supervisor Frederic Whitehurst exposed that fraudulent practice to WTRE researchers as a whistle blower and the Bureau retaliated in ways only a federal police agency can with intimidations and surveillance of the sort investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson alleges happened to her in a federal lawsuit against the Department of Injustice. Whitehurst revealed that much of the FBI's lab results are intentionally skewed to be prosecution friendly in order to up the number of successful prosecutions. Whitehurst is said to be the "first successful FBI whistle blower."

Do note the subtext of that.

As for Stone, the totally theatrical SWAT raid and CNN publicity collusion has created well founded festering wounds among many who have been disillusioned about the FBI and other police agencies.

Will there be blow back in the absence of serious accountability?

Who is seeing that's done?

That's what I thought.

Dan Gifford is a national Emmy-winning,
Oscar-nominated film producer and former
reporter for CNN, The MacNeil Lehrer
News Hour and ABC News.